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Face Visor Shield

Face Visor Shield

Made of high def, PET film.  Reusable.  May be used with eyeglasses.  


Shields are sold in sealed, packets containing ten (10) shields.  We specialize in volume sales and do not sell shields individually nor a single packet at a time.  Discounts available for larger orders or recurring order commitments.


This shield fits most people from about elementary school age and older. 


NEW -- also available in a smaller/younger  "children's" size. Children's shields measure approximately 9 inches x 6 inches (as comparison, adult shields measure approximately 12.5 inches x 8.5 inches).


Please be sure to read the JAMA article linked below for their thoughts on how a face shield should fit optimally.


JAMA article about "Face Shields and the Containment of COVID-19"

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