NEW!  Eight ounce, Gel Hand Sanitizer

NEW! Eight ounce, Gel Hand Sanitizer

If carrying around our gallon size bottle in your bag isn't exactly your idea of how to get in your daily aerobic exercise, then this new Eight Ounce bottle may be the one for you!!!   Filled with 70% alcohol, gel sanitizer, it really is the perfect size!  Not too big, not too small, but just right!   Fits really well in purse, backpack, briefcase, cup holders, and it looks great on your desk too!  Bundle this 8 ounce bottle with the 3-ply masks and a visor shield to create a PPE kit for each team member.


Sold by the case -- 24, eight ounce bottles per case. 


Note:  Bottle is displayed next to a coffee mug so you may get a sense of its size.  The eight ounce bottle measures approximately 5 1/2 inches tall.