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Children's Face Shield

Children's Face Shield

So cute!  Fun to wear with different animals and cartoons!  Child size face shield for little ones around pre-school and early elementary school grades. 


Each pre-sealed packet contains ten (10) shields of the same design.   Each case contains dozens of packets of shields and a wonderful, random selection of packets will be delivered to you.   It is not possible to pick n' choose only certain animals/cartoons. 


New -- also available with a plain blue band similar looking to the "adults" version.


We specialize in volume sales and do not sell shields individually nor a single packet at a time.  We are able to maintain low prices only through volume sales.  Discounts available for larger orders or recurring order commitments.


NEW -- Children's size, 3-ply, pleated, single use face masks!  Perfect combo with the children's face shields!


Children's shields measure approximately 9 inches x 6 inches (as comparison, adult shields measure approximately 12.5 inches x 8.5 inches).  Please read JAMA article linked below to read about their views on how a face shield should fit optimally.


JAMA article about "Face Shields and the Containment of COVID-19"


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