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UPDATED!  3-ply non-surgical and             ASTM Level 3

UPDATED! 3-ply non-surgical and ASTM Level 3

3-ply, diposable masks, non-surgical.  Single use.  Now in more convenient and easier to keep sanitary packaging of ten (10) masks per packet!   Yeowza...we have in stock on Oahu the color everyone's been requesting -- black!  This color is oh, so professional!  Other colors available too.  Discounts available for larger orders or recurring order commitments.


Children's size, 3-ply, pleated, single use face masks!  White masks with whimsical designs on it.  Perfect combo with the children's face shields!  


ATSM Level 3 available for healthcare and dental providers.  Limited stock on island.  Additional stock available with delivery in about 20 days.  

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