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New Products...

We are always on the search for products that will help us in Hawaii be safe from germs.  

Periodically, we update the brands we carry or we bring in a product a customer heard great things about and suggested so more people in Hawaii can try it too!  

Friends asked us to find 3-ply, pleated disposable, masks for their young children.  The generic ones they found in stores were simply too big and hanging off their faces.  We found some cute ones for kids with designs on them and are very happy that these masks fit their children's faces much better than the adult-sized ones.   

If you have a product, brand, or item you'd like to suggest or something you are looking for, please go to the "Contact Us" page and let us know! 

Mahalo for your suggestions!  We are incredibly humbled every time a customer shares product suggestions or introduces a new customer to us.  Working together and helping each other is how Hawaii is re-opening safely and stronger than ever!

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