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CleanSpace HALO

for healthcare


The gold standard in Personal Respiratory Protection

for professionals in clinical settings.

Platinum winner -- Respiratory Protection   (OH&S Industrial Hygiene Awards 2021)

Winner -- Medical Devices & Technology, outstanding quality & innovative product   (Red Dot Design Award 2021)


A powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) designed for high protection, comfort and cost effectiveness

  • HEPA/P3 filtration for biohazards. APF 50 half-mask and APF 1000 full face (a N95 mask has an APF of 10).

  • Lightest healthcare powered respirator on the market at less than one pound. 

  • Fresh airflow, no fogging and easy to wear over long periods.  

  • Delivers up to 230 L/min airflow for up to 9 hours operating time.  Rapid recharge.

  • No hoses, no belts, no waist mounted battery packs. Compatible with standard hospital PPE.  

  • Made of medical grade materials (non-latex) and compatible with standard disinfection and sterilization protocols used in hospitals.  Easy to clean and disinfect, IP rated 66 Water Tolerant.

  • Reusable and cost effective

  • Compatible with CleanSpace Steri-Plus for source control and with the CleanSpace BioHood system.

  • NIOSH approved TC 21C-1102 – (half mask) and TC 21C-1104 (full face).

A world class medical device engineering team created the CleanSpace respirators.  When they launched their first product, it was seen as a game changer in the respirator industry.  CleanSpace Respirators are unique in that they provide all the protection of a conventional PAPR, but have no belts, no hoses, do not create heat stress or fogging of eyewear, and are lightweight and simple to use.

Today, CleanSpace respirators protect those on the frontline of industry and healthcare in more than 43 countries.

Pacific ClearHawaii is your local source for the CleanSpace HALO!

  Are you a healthcare clinician?  Contact us for a HALO demonstration!

We also offer CleanSpace respirator models for non-clinical settings!

(e.g. environmental services, surfboard shapers, chemicals, wastewater, construction, and more!)

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